Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting my money's worth and using it ALL up

 This is a brand of "chap stick" that I really like. Although pricey, I have been able to purchase it at the discount retailer's and even use a coupon doing so! I especially find offers around Christmas time, once the cold weather sets in.  If you aren't familiar with the product, here is a link:  (and no, I am not getting paid to blog my comments). This retails for about $3/tube.

The photo above shows that this tube is "empty"-you slide the bee up towards the top, and the product is moved up, much like a lipstick. It is now flat against the plastic opening, and although I can see that there is more inside, I can't apply it. No worries, I've got this . .
I used a small paring knife and dug out the remaining product, which most would have just thrown out, along with the plastic container (which I am able to recycle!). I decanted what I dug out, into a Lypsyl pot of lip balm (I much prefer the stick variety, but since I also have this, I will use it up). If you look to the bottom front of the open pot, you will see that I got about a week's worth of product out of there.

Looking not to waste.


DW said...

Hey, you paid for it all ... might as well use it all up, right?

Precious said...

Good job. I think manufacturers count on us throwing part of the product away.