Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gardening on a very limited budget

 I already have 2 large planters filled with panseys on the front steps. Time to add the rest of my planters, but I need to do this for $20 +/-. Since this is a rental, I won't invest any funds into flowers for the landscapped beds, which frankly have been neglected for years.. Prior to moving in, many shrubs that had actually been blocking windows, were prunned back heavily.  If this was my home, I'd be putting in mulch in the beds, adding many, many perennials, as well as a few well chosen annuals. So, it's left to filling pots and planters I already own, for a limited amount of money. I have been watching the sale promotions, and decided to try Xpect, and was glad that I did. I bought 2 types of Marigolds, white salvia, dusty Miller @ $3.59/12 pack.. I may add more in late Fall. Since this will be a mix of deep orange, yellow, white and grey, I felt that it would be more seasonless.
I also bought 4 tomato plants (99 cents each). One cherry, 1 Big boy, 2 regular. I plan on putting these in my huge pot on the deck.

Out the door cost for all of the above: $19.23.

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