Thursday, May 9, 2013


Toilet in the powder room has been on the fritz for some time now, running just a bit every 90 minutes (so there is a slow leak somewhere), then as of last week, it would spew water up from underneath the tank cover whenever flushed, splashing water onto the floor. I shut the water off to the toilet, texted the handyman and emailed the LL.  LL's handyman finally convinced her to replace it, which he did today, with the water saver model shown above.

It's a cheapo one, but not my issue, as long as it works, and I like that it uses less water than conventional toilets. I did note that while this one was also purchased at Loew's big box store, as was the other one in the main bath (that one is an Aqua source), this one besides being $10 cheaper, has worse reviews.

 I also asked the handyman to save me the toilet seat, which I had purchased last August. Still perfectly fine, and I'll take it with me when I go on to my next place, if not using it as a replacement for the thin, plastic one that came with this toilet. HM did take the packaging away (which I would have recycled) as well as the old commode from 1955-that I would have been charged for to dispose of at the transfer station, so I'm glad he took care of that.

I continue to remain a bit anxious to receive my new lease, and to see if there is a rent increase, and if so, how much. I've already decided how far I'd go, money wise,and am prepared to counter an offer, if necessary. While I understand that the LL has put some additional monies into repairs both prior to and during our tenancy, such as replacing both toilets, this is due to neglected maintenance. I have a strong sense of what this place should be asking for rent, the current price is fair, all things considered. Should the new rent not meet my limits, I am prepared to move on, if I have to. Of concern to factor in, is that I would have to pay a moving company this time round, and that cost may be more than the cost of the higher oil heat budget and possible higher rent increase. Time will tell.


Pamela said...

A good landlord is truly precious. I've had lax ones like yours and it's frustrating. Landlords who maintain the property and keep things up--they usually don't get any flak if they need to raise the rent.

I hope your rent doesn't go up too much. Fingers crossed!

Precious said...

I hope that things work out for the best for you. Happy Mothers Day!