Sunday, May 12, 2013

And the numbers are in


Received another oil bill the other day, previous delivery was March 28th, this one was May 8th. I've been keeping a tally of when oil is delivered, the cost per gallon, how many gallons were used, what our daily usage on average for the time period has been. I initially guestimated my oil costs, upon moving in here, subsequently bumping that up, and now have officially gone over budget, redone a projection for usage until my current lease is up, estimating what my Summer costs will be. Besides for heat, oil is used to heat water.

The annual costs are off the charts, despite all of my efforts to conserve, budget, be frugal. Current budget for oil is now $454/month. I keep this figure in mind as I contemplate moving to more affordable quarters still in this area, vs toughing it out for another year. My new lease offer has yet to come, and I remain anxious to receive it, as I do anticipate a rental increase, but just how much? From what I have read on line, landlords can not significantly raise a rent while there is an existing lease. Great. Additionally (and this is the gray area for me, I'd need to research further), a landlord can not increase a rent within 6 months of maintenance repairs (specified as peeling paint, heating, water and electrical systems).

So, I continue to do my homework, monitor the rental as well as for sale market, keeping my options open.

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