Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yard care


Having walked the property, I sent an email to the landlord who lives very far away, regarding how the property fared over Winter, a "FYI" message regarding some outside maintenance for her consideration. I did, however, have specific questions, for which I am awaiting a response. In the past, she has chosen to contact her local handyman about these type of issues,and he eventually calls me, asking when he can come over to address X.

My lease stipulates that I am responsible for mowing the lawn. I pay for that service, which includes weed wacking/trimming. I also, of my own choice, have paid college boy and friends, to do the leaf pick up in the Fall. The former tenant next door (recently moved out) commented to college boy that this place has never looked so good since we moved in. He lived there for 7 years.

 I am now discussing Spring clean up with them, before the landscappers come back for lawn mowing. Grass is just starting to grow in random tuffs here and there, so I do have a bit of time-perhaps 2 weeks. Time to clean the place up, which will include having college boy consolidate the wood stacked on pallets; I think reducing it to 1 1/2 or 2 pallets. I may not need to purchase fire wood for next Winter.

There are a few dead trees (at the base) which pose a hazard as do multiple "widow makers" aka cut/broken off tree limbs hanging from other branches in trees-a definite hazard as well. I noted that one tree near the house has grown into the phone and electrical wires from the street to the house, now touching what I suspect is the phone line (not used, I have cells only) but I am concerned that eventually, this tree will also grow into the electrical line, pulling it off/away from the house, possibly causing a fire. Additionally, prior to our taking the lease, I asked the LL to have multiple shrubs trimmed, some trees cut back (clearly hadn't been addressed for years) in front of windows, in the planting beds all along the sides of the home. This was taken care of, but the branches were just piled in 3 large piles on the property, rather than being dropped off at the dump (handy man has a full sized pick up) or alternatively, moved to the woods in the back of the property. I asked that these be moved/removed. Finally, I mentioned that the aforementioned planting beds have absolutely no signs of any mulch remaining, and would LL consider having them re-mulched?  While I get that LL doesn't want to spend money she doesn't have to, I was told by the realtor that LL eventually will want to sell this place. Keeping the yard clear, having the tenant address lawn mowing, and keeping the beds mulched are fairly inexpensive fixes. Obviously, I hope to hear back with a yes on these items. I am willing to concede half way re the mulch: and go back with an offer to provide our own labor if she'll cover the cost of the actual mulch. I don't want to be paying for her landscaping supplies. I don't plan on planting any flowers in the ground either.

Meanwhile, since this is a rental, I am sticking to my front stoop urns/pots, currently having 2 pots flanking the front entry, each filled with inexpensive pansies. A touch of color, along with my seasonal flags, it looks nice.


DW said...

About that tree growing into the lines ... in my community, the electric utility takes care of trimming the trees near its power lines. Perhaps if you called the electric or phone co., they might take care of that ... though they might need your LL's approval. (here, I don't think they do if the limbs are deemed to be a danger.)

CTMOM said...

DW-Agree, the trees growing into and now touching the phone and power lines are a safety concern. I emailed the LL, she was made aware of the concern. She's been pretty good about emergency stuff: non working furnace, broken dishwasher, leaking pipes, leaking faucets. I agree that she may have to go thru channels thru the power company, but since the tree is on the property and not the tree belt, I am pretty sure that she has to be charged for removing the tree in question. Not sure. Regardless, I'd sleep better if this was handled soon.