Saturday, April 6, 2013

While I may not yet have an AARP card . .


I am now the proud (?) owner of my very own recliner! I went to Lay Z boy showrooms today and ended up getting a floor model, at 20% off, in the "mushroom" color shown above-kind of a heathered cocoa and tan fabric. It'll meet my needs, and coordinates just fine with the living room suite. It's neutral, so will go with any color scheme. I envision this eventually being in a cellar rec room of my next home. I did have to pay far too much for delivery, as they do not do their own, contracting it outside. I can't do it, so pay for it I did. I should have it in my possession in 2 Saturdays, as I can't deal with a mid work week delivery with a "window" to work around, so a Saturday it'll be.

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