Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What to do with leftovers???????

After supper tonight, I was faced with several leftovers: chopped lettuce went with the salad greens, but still, I had Mexicorn, chopped tomatoes, shredded Cheddar, beef and black bean taco filling, as well as a newly opened jar of homemade and canned taco sauce. I also had a bit of leftover chilli with kidney beans, 2  tomato halves (once refrigerated, I don't like them in salads), rice. What to do? I was inspired to make a Mexican type casserole.

After Pam spraying a baking dish, I layered the cooked rice,

 I then topped this with the prepared chilli with kidney beans and topped that with the beef and black bean taco filling from tonight;
 I added the rest of the chopped tomato from dinner, then chopped up the other 2 halves and sprinkled these all about, to form the tomato layer.
 Concerned that there wouldn't be enough liquid as this bakes, I added a can of "rotel style" tomatoes,
 and the drained Mexicorn, forming the next 2 layers
 Wanting enough liquid as well as seasoning, I added a good amount of my taco sauce on top

Finally, I grabbed some Monteray Jack cheese (8 oz bar cost me 59 cents) and shredded about 2 oz of that, and added the rest of the leftover, shredded Cheddar from supper, along with about another 2 or so ounces more that I freshly grated.  So here is my supper for tomorrow: I'll call this Mexican casserole; it's frugal, uses what needs to go, helps me to avoid kitchen waste, thereby saving me money. A dinner for 4 easily, out of bits of this n that.  I'll make a quick, simple green salad and be done.

 Here's the baked dish.
Not bad.


Lili said...

That looks yummy! Your cheese price is unbelievably low. That works out to under $1.20 a lb. I'm guessing you bought that either with coupon and on sale, or at a salvage type grocery store.

Anonymous said...
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CTMOM said...

Yes, rock bottom cheese price, never to be seen again! I bought 8 oz blocks of Kraft cheese when on vacation visiting my parents a few years ago, they were re-doing the dairy case and had phenomenal marked downs! I gave some to Mom and Dad, we ate some while there, the rest drove up to CT with me. This is my last bar from the freezer.