Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend shopping, round 2

 After a Freecycle pickup this afternoon, a traveled about 10 minutes, if that, into the city to Marshall's to return the 3 sports bras which ended up not being a good option for me. I looked for front closing bras, tried one, no go

I did find 2 feather pillows which coordinate well with my living room suite. Nice. A bit pricey, but at least this is now off of my list.

Since I was closeby, I stopped at Xpect, looking for Pansey's for the front planters. 12 count was under $4, she mistakenly only charged me for one, I realized later. Oops!

 Off to Kohl's to find front closing bras-hard to do, BTW, few manufacturer's make them and it seems that most bras are coming with foam padding. I don't need extra and frankly, am concerned that this will make me sweaty in Summer. I ended up getting only 2, one to wash, one to wear at these were $38 each! thud. I also got a pretty blouse in my usual color combos: black, pink, raspberry on sale at 40% off as well as a white 3/4 sleeved cardigan (finally found one) also on sale.

I then hit Savers, as it is right across the street. I need 2 more bottom sheets for the boys's beds. I ended up with a pine green one, a brown with blue and orange small flowers. I also got 4 vintage Cannon terry dish towels. Look like these were never used! The sheets as well as the towels were marked $1.99 each. Considering the cost at Dept stores, these are fantastic prices! Better yet, I was able to "cash in" a rewards card that I recently filled, alloting me a 30% discount. I paid $1.49 for each of these. Here are some close ups of the towels:

 Chef kitty
 Vintage rooster print (I actually got 2 identical ones of these). Love the mod print


Vintage cooking pot with carrot, mushroom, spices, onion? Love this. Several of my kitchen towels will soon become fancy rags for general cleaning, so nice to come across some replacements.


DW said...

Like that cat!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Wow--you did really well today. I have tried to find sheets second hand without much success at all---everything I find is very worn. I keep looking but I only have two stores in my immediate area--a couple more further away when I get to that area.
I do find that by watching sales, I can get good sets of all cotton sheets for about $40---sets that retail for about $110 at full price. That's about the best I can do. I like extra pillow cases too--some of mine are embarrassingly used. I pick up the occasional set at places like Tuesday Morning, and other outlet stores when I see them. I stick to ecru or whatever they are calling that color these days, and they go with most other colors. I like extra pillows on the bed for watching TV in bed. Land's End's Saturday "On the Counter" feature nets me the occasional pillow cases. Are you familiar with that? Land' They are closeouts which start on Saturday and if they remain are discounted by 25% more on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday--so if they are still around by Friday they are ridiculously priced but sizes, colors, etc. are very limited. I try to check it as a matter of course every week and I do get some useful bargains there.