Saturday, April 13, 2013

Today's freebies and a reminder to know your prices and check your receipts!

There are times when I question why I keep home delivery of the newspaper, then I find a great sale ad, a newspaper coupon such as the one I encountered for Aldi's this week. $10 off an order of $40 or more. Easy to do. So, I hit Aldi's and stocked up on the usual items, but also grabbed some extra packages of fish. Haddock @ $4.99, Salmon @ $4.49= $9.48 of the $10 freebie coupon. I'll just apply the remaining 52 cents to something else I bought there. Meanwhile, I have some extra, healthful proteins in the deep freezer for upcoming months. Good deal!

My second comment references knowing your prices. I picked up some yellow mustard today, and decided to also stock up on 2 spicy brown while I was at it. Although the brand of yellow mustard had a brown mustard at 89 cents, this larger bottle of Heinz was a better deal, even though it was clearly priced at $1.29 per the sticker underneath the bottles on the shelf. After the transaction at the checkout was done, I brought my groceries to the car, then returned to the store, to double check the sticker on the shelf, as the bottles rang up @ $1.39, I was sure it was $1.29. Nope, I was right. Both bottles rang up 10 cents more than listed.

So, I went to customer service and stated, "Perhaps I have to speak to a Manager, but can you tell me what your policy is on items that ring up incorrectly? You see, I bought 2 bottles of mustard, yet they rang up @ $1.39. I just double checked and the shelf sticker lists these as $1.29." Clerk calls for someone to do a price check. Fine. Lady returns, "Yes, $1.29." I ask the clerk again," So what is your policy?" She offers to give me the difference or 20 cents. I ask again (still very politely), "Do you not have a policy for situations when a customer is charged the wrong price for an item?" She makes a phone call. Yes, you can get one free, and the difference  on the second one. So, $1.50 (she didn't want to bother giving me correct change) was returned to me. I was a cashier, I understand how this works, and as a consumer, I am keenly aware that stores have policies about when items ring up incorrectly at the register. Stop and Shops is on a huge poster as you enter the air lock to get into the store. Glad that I pressed on this issue. It was initially a matter of principal: I had been staring down all of the brands and prices. I chose this brand specifically as it was the cheapest option. It wasn't the 20 cents as much as I was irritated about being mischarged. I was further irritated by the clerk at customer service who didn't even know or perhaps was told to fein ignorance about an overcharge policy.  Here's the CT state statute that has been in effect for about 20 years:

Other states have similar policies, it would pay to check it out!

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