Sunday, April 14, 2013

The death of a nightie, and reincarnation

 Alas, one of my very worn, very loved, Lanz flannel nighties (originally a thrift shop purchase) developed a hole and was officially deemed a goner. Sleeves and parts of the body of the gown were cut into dusting rags, metal shank buttons were recycled, scraps from the elastic cuffs, the bodice placket, and the bodice yolk were set aside to be used later as stuffing for more draft dodgers. What did I do with the bulk of the material from the body of the nightie?

Make another flannel pillow case. This one is thin, to be sure, but supper soft and will be a welcomed addition to our bedding come Fall.

This mini project cost me all of 5 minutes of my time, zero cost.

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