Sunday, April 21, 2013

Taking advantage of the Internet

 Although I consider myself a fairly accomplished cooked, I do take advantage of the Internet, and learn new things, such as this recipe from the Frugal Queen over in England:  I've made this a few times, and today's version is tweaked a bit. I started by placing about 2 large onions in the food processor (I had several rotting on me, not good, need to use them up! Parts went into the compost,the rest into the processor), a few springs of celery that is long in the tooth, just 3 slices of precooked, leftover bacon. I whirled that through
 Adding a handful of marked down mushrooms that need to be cooked as well. I added them last as I didn't want them to be mush.
 I added some additional bacon fat (I know, it's bad but I'm French Canadian and that's how we cook. It's in part to replace the missing bacon as this recipe calls for 1/2 lb, I only had a few cooked strips to use)to my fry pan and tossed in the best parts of 2 apples with bad spots. I browned everything off, until the apples were soft.
 Here are my 2 bread end bags from the freezer. I chose the one to the right, as it contained ends of raisin bread as well as Panetone. These would go well with the apple stuffing.
 I whirled these through the processor to make bread crumbs.
I await my dishwasher's cycle to finish as both my large mixing bowl and blue baking dish for the table top convection oven are in there (although I'm companion bake the stuffing alongside the roasting chicken this afternoon). Once I have my bowl, I will beat 3 med eggs, add the contents of my frying pan, the bread crumbs, the seasonings (Bells and additional black pepper) and I'll mix up some stock from a chicken bouillion and hot water to wet this down.

 Once incorporated, the stuffing will go into the Pam sprayed baker.

Intentional leftovers to be frozen for future meals-especially when I am recovering from my upcoming surgery.

Rest of supper: a marked down oven stuffer roaster baking with carrots, shallots, and seasoned with all purpose seasoning salt, Paprika. I'll make a gravy once the meat is cooked. Not pictured: Green chard that I am sauteeing.


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