Thursday, April 18, 2013

Taking advantage of the grocery deals

After a medical appointment, since I was literally driving right by, I stopped in at Stop & Shop to catch some deals. First up: bread and rolls-all maked down except for the loaf of Sara Lee, which was on sale @ $2.50 but I topped that with a doubled 75 cent coupon, making my out the door price $1. 2 double pack English muffins, seeded rye, the aforementioned SL bread, white bread (French toast tomorrow), seeded and regular hamburger buns.

 Ice cream, OJ
 Berries $3.99, 2 pints grape tomatoes @ $2 ea, 4 lbs carrots for $1.99 or 50 cents/lb, marked down red peppers to slice and freeze.
 For the pantry: garlic shells @ 50 cents, p butter @ $1.69, 2 mustards @$1.50, a pump foam soap for the bathroom @ $1.50
 Some great meal specials, all marked down: Plumrose brand, boiled ham for sandwiches is normally $4.99/12 oz pkg. On sale @ $3.29 but marked $2 off due to a close date, so I paid $1.29/pkg  or $1.72/lb. 2 are frozen for the future, 2 for sandwiches this week.. I also got 2 thin chuck steaks (will cut into strips for fajitas I think). Normally $5.49/lb, since these were also marked $2 off, I paid $2.36 adnd$3.27/lb for them (one cost $1.51 and the other $2.94 out the door).
 I was planning on buying fryers chickens @ 99/lb on sale this week at IGA. Instead, I got Perdue oven stuffer roasters, marked @ 89/lb PLUS they each had $2 off. In addition, I used a $5 off your order coupon, making one chicken 45 CENTS out the door, the other cost me $4.74 out the door. Something like 64 cents/lb. Total spent: $47.32, saved $29.82 in coupons.

 I then hit the IGA on the way home and got the following:

Mayo on sale plus cpn so $1.99, 4 cans albacore on sale $1, 1/2 lb P & P loaf as a treat.
Total spent $9.10, saved $1 in coupons.

I still have just under $78 left to spend on groceries for the month of April.

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