Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday breakfast and a tale of food waste : (

French toast with homemade maple sugar syrup, fresh strawberries, fried eggs, OJ, coffee/cocoa. Yum. I make one "decent" breakfast on the weekend as it's grab something quick during the week. I also intentionally made a lot of French toast to offer this upcoming week.

Sadly, I discovered that one of the 2 roaster chickens I recently bought was left out of the freezer. I assume that I carried too much to the freezer, set that one down, and forgot about it, as I packed the freezer. I HATE food waste. Luckily, due to a manager's special and a $5 off your order coupon deal, this chicken cost me a whopping 47 cents! Still-a waste.

Supper tonight will be the other roaster, now thawing. I will serve homemade cranberry sauce, carrots, swiss chard, and a homemade stuffing,.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

Forgive yourself and move on. I know it's disheartening to waste, but we're all human and all screw up from time to time. I wasted a carton of ice cream last week by leaving the door to the freezer open slightly. Now it REALLY needs defrosting, not to mention that the entire carton of ice cream went to the trash.

DW said...

Aw ... bummer. But these things happen.

Nancy said...

I did that once. I discovered what I did when the cellar started smelling like something died.

Precious said...

Your breakfast is my kind of breakfast on the weekend. Yummy!

We have all done something like your chicken at one time or another.