Saturday, April 27, 2013

Soon, I'll own a grill


I had been saving for my new gas grill. One feature that I really wanted, was a side burner, to be very useful during power outages. I also chose Charbroil as it is one of 2 made in USA brands, and this is the same brand as my former one.

In addition to buying off my car loan and getting the recliner, the proceeds of my tax refunds are also allowing me to get a grill, in time for my upcoming surgery, making for some quick meals here, as Mom will be staying until I am able to drive, and am on the mend.

This is the exact model that I will be getting. After checking with a friend on her availability to drive me over to HD to pick up the grill, I ordered it on line. Before doing so, however, I searched for a coupon promotion and lucked out in finding one, netting $10 off. Nice bonus. The grill is at the store, and will be assembled for free, then my friend and I will go over to get it.

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