Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sometimes it's no longer worth it


Post divorce, I've been actively addressing financials, re-establishing my name in all of my credit/insurance etc related areas. Many ridiculous road blocks, misinformation, conflicting information in the case of my last major hurdle: getting the Toyota loan and registration just in my (new) name. One would think that this would simply be a matter of paperwork. Sigh.

Yet again, I returned to CT DMV for the third time today to check on the status of the title being transferred for X to sign off on, and DMV would return it to Toyota financials. No, sorry, we don't have it.

So, once again (I think my 4th if not 5th call to them) I called Toyota, to first confirm that they received my written request along with the documentation that was requested during the last phone call with them a few weeks back. Yes, it's in "pending." Ok, can you update me about the transfer in equity on the loan? Sorry, you'll have to refinance with your own credit company/bank. HUH? I calmly told the customer rep that this was my 4th or 5th call about making these changes, each time I call, I get a different answer. I just need this done. Ok, so how much is the payoff amount? Fine. Let me think this over, I am not commiting, but if I mail you a check to pay off the loan, you will finally mail ME the title and then I have to take documentation back to DMV to finally get this car just in my name? Yes. Ok, give me the mailing address, thanks.

Taxes are done, were to be e-filed on Monday, so I await my 2012 refund, an amount that I know I will be no where near come April 2013, but the CPA did a projection, at my request so that I could anticipate that. Fine. I am blessed that I will be able to just pay the remaining loan off (0% so that has been nice)and just be done with that part of the issue. The actual title getting to me will be about 5 weeks. Since I've been attempting to resolve this since Oct, that is totally fine, knowing that there is an end in sight. I just need this off my to deal with list so that I can move on. It's becoming an energy suck.


DW said...

You would think this would be a straightforward process. Seems every transaction these days involves getting the runaround these days. Glad you're going to get this resolved.

CTMOM said...

As much as I'd prefer to keep the 0% loan with my savings in the bank, the amount of energy spent on trying to resolve this is beyond ridiculous. I'm lucky to be able to afford to just pay this off, few would be in similar circumstances in this economy. Meanwhile, I continue to live far below my means, in order to meet my goal of home ownership, once again.