Sunday, April 14, 2013

Reasons why I save string

Here's one of the reasons that I keep string that comes into our home from packages. This morning, I had to store some empty canning jars back into their boxes. While there is a pull chain light in this closet, and I am fairly tall @ 5'7", I have to reach up to get to the short pull chain. Solution? tie a long piece of string that originally was tied on a box of marked down bakery goods from the local store, loop the string around the short, metal pull chain to form a doubled loop of sorts for ease in grabbing and pulling. Between my torn rotor cuff and arthritic thumbs, anything that makes these types of tasks easier is welcomed. : )

Of course, my cost to fix this problem: $0

1 comment:

Precious said...

Love it! I am 5'5". I have to get out a step stool every time I grab something on the third and fourth shelves of my kitchen cupboards. It is so frustrating.