Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Plow guy update


I am under no disillusion that this will definately make a difference, but I'm speaking my mind. Here is what is getting mailed out in the morning:

Plow guy,

It's unfortunate that you continue to demand full payment for a plowing service that you admit is below standard; yet far worse is your attitude with customers and lack of business sense as well as communication. A true business person would have :

- communicated with the customer immediately upon receipt of the e-mail with photos

-replowed the driveway for no additional charge

- offered a discount for the poor service in March

- contacted the customer, subsequent to receiving the last check that covered the last 2 plow services which had a note enclosed, if there was a disagreement regarding the amount due


Instead, you e-mailed a bill for the balance 3 weeks later, making the customer  contact you to discuss the billing. This is certainly not the way to run a business in this economy.

Prior to our recent phone converstation, I had intended to also engage your
lawn care services, starting this Spring, in additon to plowing services. You no longer have that opportunity, our business relationship is hereby terminated.

Please find enclosed a check for $X in reference to invoice # X. The account is paid in full and is closed.

Good luck to you.


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