Friday, April 19, 2013


Oops!  Cleaning crew came here today for my monthly deep clean, and unfortunately, one of the fan blades was snapped off of one of the 2 ceiling fans in the living room. I'll describe the damage as follows: this fan had 5 plastic but painted to look like brass, "arms," at the end of each is a "hand" which has the fan blades nailed into it. This fan blade is snapped at the "wrist" where the arm attaches to the arm of the blade. I have no idea if this was previously damaged by another tenant. The end of the fan paddle that fits into the hand of the arm does look like it was water logged at one point. The layers of "wood" are expanded a bit.

Of course, it was the last of the 10 blades she had to vacuum. This crew has been here almost monthly since August, cleaning these fans each time. She feels terrible. Accidents do happen, I am sure that this was unintentional.

No worries, I called the cleaning company, one that may be perceived by some as more expensive than other options, when hiring out cleaning. I chose this company due to their reputation, large employee base and it's a local franchise that is fully bonded and insured. Not a here's $100 cash in the envelope deal, with which I'd have no recourse, other than to hit a big box store, find 2 matching fans of the same size, then hire my handyman service (also bonded and insured) to take the old ones down, install the new ones. That would be pricey for me.

I am guessing that these fans are at least 25 years old, if not older. The dark brown "wood" and fake bamboo blades and brass plastic arms and motor scream later 80's/early 90's-the same period as when I bought the ceiling fan for my living room in my former home. I'd be hard pressed to replace these, I suspect, never mind just a blade arm.

So I called the aforementioned cleaning company, and explained what happened. No problem, while the person I need to speak to in order to get an inspection and repair/replacement is on his lunch break, he will call me this afternoon to make arrangements to come out and see what happened and figure out how to repair/replace it.

Bottom line: I am not out any $ to make good on this fan, which I am responsible for as it happened due to an act caused by someone I hired to come into the rental.

I await a phone call.

Update: I spoke with the owner, we made arrangements for him to come out and take a look at the fan on Wed, and we'll go from there. This apparently is a common accident, he will repair/replace as needed.

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