Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oh my aching back!


I somehow hurt my back-I was fine Thursday morning but about 30-45 minutes later, in enough pain to require taking Advil. Once at work, worse, so I took a second Advil-then I was fine. Scenario repeated itself both Friday as well as Sat-with me actually taking additional Advil later in the afternoon. I'm self diagnosing this as muscle spasms. Not fun, quite painful and I have a high pain tolerance. No sense at this point, to see a MD, I'm waiting to see how I fare Monday, and if needed, I plan on going to the walk in clinic affiliated with the hospital as they just opened a new branch clinic in the town where I work. Although, I do wonder what they will recommend that I do differently.

 Meanwhile, I sit with a pillow at the small of my back, in a sturdy, tall backed, oak chair. I'm not one to have ever suffered back problems, and I don't recall doing anything differently on Wed, to effect me Thurs.

UPDATE: with 2 Advil on board, and a pillow from home, I went to work, sitting in a tall backed, supportive chair. Very uncomfortable, pain wise, and I do have a high pain tolerance. I tried phoning our back MD-he as well as his partner are booked until May 17th-no go. They did refer me to the back doc in the same practice as my hand orthopedist. Fine. I have an appointment on Wed afternoon-earliest and only one available this week! Meanwhile, I couldn't take it any longer, so I phoned the new walk in, urgent care satelite clinic/office affiliated with the hospital south of here. It happens to be in the town I work in. I phoned, made an appointment, saw the MD before heading home. Yep-muscle spasms. Instead of Advil, I have a narcotic RX, a muscle relaxer and an anti inflamatory. All shouldn't be taken when driving. Sigh. He also recommended and I bought, a heating pad on the way to the pharmacy, at Walmart (cheapest source), finally stopping at the home town pharmacy.

MD visit: $25
WM heating pad: $19.02
Pharmacy: $15

Could have been much worse. BTW-really liked the urgent care place. Will definately return again if ever needed, AND they have weekend hours! Pretty convenient!


DW said...

I highly recommend the ThermaCare heat wraps. They are a little pricey, but CVS does sales (and there are store brands available, too.) I have back/shoulder problems, and having that constant heat does a world of good.

Precious said...

I am so sorry that this happened to you. Let's hope it is just a pulled muscle and will heal quickly. I have major back problems so I know how much pain you are in. Heat or ice which ever feels better is what my neuro Dr. told me.

I hope you feel better soon.

Carol said...

You probably should have iced your back at the first pain to relieve the inflammation, then go to heat 24 hrs later. Hope the drugs help

Laura said...

salt water baths should help you with this! it's super cheap and it's been recommended by nurse practitioners and natural paths and MDs works liek a charm--believe it's a 1/2 pound of salt to a full bath