Sunday, April 28, 2013

Moving menus around

 Although baked ham was scheduled for this week's Sunday supper, I have a very full container of roast chicken that needs to go, so that became the inspiration for tonight's supper. I remembered the alfredo mix from the Dollar tree (college girl tried it, says it's excellent)that I had in the pantry, so chicken alfredo it will be. The nearly empty container of spicy brown mustard is a reminder to swish it out with the milk required for this alfredo, using the rest up in the process, before completely washing this bottle out for recycling. Vegetable will be steamed carrots (I have a lot of fresh carrots on hand at the moment, due to sales) mixed with lightly steamed, fzn green peas. I'll top these with a bit of butter in the serving dish, season with all purpose seasoning salt.
Organic, baby salad leaves, grape tomatoes, purple onion and cuke will become a salad on the side as well.Choice of dressings.

And here's my supper plate: there was a surprisingly generous amount of pasta in this Chicken helper dinner box, a $ was spent on that. I weighed 1 lb precooked chicken and removed at least a third of that, using it for making a chicken salad for lunches this week. Just too much meat for the dish, for my taste. Still, plenty of meat was there. Decent meal, quick to assemble. I used instant milk for additional savings.

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