Saturday, April 6, 2013


 In preparation of moving here, I bought each boy 2 pillows from xpect, for their beds. Cheap price and cheap quality. They just aren't holding well and they've only been used since Aug! Needing to replace them with better ones, I stopped in at Marshall's today, selecting a 2 count set of Calvin Klein pillows, giving just one to each boy.

I've been brainstorming how I am going to dress subsequent to my shoulder surgery. I initially thought of getting some camisoles with built in bras. I tried one on and quickly realized that for someone more "endowed" than others, this simply won't do. The girls will need much more support. Idea #2: racer back sports bras. So I got 3 (one to wash, one to wear and a spare), hoping that this will work. UPDATE: these sports bras are going back to the store. Had a devil of a time getting them on and off and this is before surgery-so next idea: find a supportive, front closing bra. I'll try Kohl's. I also got a pair of Danskin yoga capri pants for ease of dressing. Once I've recovered, I'll have some exercise wear.

I also grabbed this 3/4 sleeved, black on royal blue, cotton blend sweater. Great color on me, this is a year round staple.


Lili said...

When my M-I-L had shoulder surgery she wore front closing blouses, as they were easier to manage getting on and off her arms and recovering shoulder. Nothing over the head would work for her.
When I injured my own shoulder, a year ago, I actually got "stuck" in a tank-style shell top. I had to have help getting out of it, as I couldn't move my shoulder in a way to get it off.

Nancy said...

Carol When I had my dislocated elbow I tried a trick. Hook your bra while it is off, slide up over your lower body to just below the ladies, slip the bad arm into the straps them the good arm. Using your good arm adjust the bad side, the good side usually just followed suit once I had the damaged side of my body situated in the bra. Bend over and jiggle a bit to get the girls all situated!

CTMOM said...

You just described me last night, trying on the sports bras. I figure if I am almost stuck before surgery-imagine my predicament afterwards? Nope, not an option.

the hook it on below the girls and slide up into position may work. I'll experiment later on that. I would still like to give front closures a try as well. I have to run an errand today, so I'll hit Kohl's in search for some options.

~Carla~ said...

You may have to spend more for a nice and supportive front closing sports bra, but it'll probably be worth it. No other advice as i'm on the opposite end of the spectrum... ;) lol!!