Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lost another one this week

 Tore a hole right through yet another of my oldie but goodie, Lanz flannel nighties. Not to worry, I freshly laundered it, and took a few minutes to deconstruct it, leaving a nice piece of fabric with plenty of life still in it. When DD was a toddler, I'd fashion nightgowns for her using this material. I view this as a raw resource. Ever price out new fabric????
A few minutes later, I had created a spare flannel pillow case. Cost me a few minutes of my time, a bit of electricity. Done. As a cost comparison, I googled "L L bean flannel pillow cases" and discovered that a set of 2 cost $17.60-$34 depending upon degree of quality/thickness and print. $8.80-$19 for one case? While I do like L L Bean's flannel bedding, that is pretty steep. I'll stick to repurposing for now.


Precious said...

I wish I had a sewing machine. What a great way to reuse something that would have been thrown out.

Nutbird said...

Hannah Anderson has great nightgowns that last for at least ten years. I have moved on to Target's Nick and Nora. Precious, ask for a sewing machine on Freecycle, or on Craigslist. You just might get one. If not, maybe a friend will lend you one.