Saturday, April 13, 2013

Leaking pipe


While not the actual pipe in question, I discovered some water dripping off of an overhead, copper pipe down cellar, which looks alot like this one does. Green corrosion on the outside and now it's dripping in 2 places. Texted and emailed the landlord, she has a call in to her handyman. So far, no word from him, it's been several hours. Luckily it's currently just dripping, I have a dehumidifier going and there is a plastic tub collecting the water that is splashing onto the washer. The green stain on top of the washer and a pool of water alerted me to the situation this afternoon.

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Nutbird said...

Haven't caught up with your posts for a while. I live south of you in CT. We have found that people have excess wood from all the storms. Maybe you could put something in Freecycle, or the newspaper, that you would take free firewood. By the time you use it next year, it would have seasoned. Our tree man is coming on Tuesday to chip up some more. Look into it. Does your daughter want some more yarn? I think I have a lot of extra stuff. Nice yarn. Ann