Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's mine, finally just all mine

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5 trips to DMV, about the same number in phone calls with Toyota Financial services-getting the car awarded me in my divorce, registered and titled JUST in my name has been a long, long journey.

The hoops to jump through:

1-apply for a new social security card (even though I'll never collect it as teachers don't)-that cost me a personal day at work
2-once I received my new SS card, back to DMV to get my new licence, in my new name $$
3-paid off car loan so as to be able to release the title $$$$
4-have X sign title
5-take title and additional paperwork back to DMV and wait 1 hour 15 minutes to have this paperwork processed. Immediately got a new registration, will receive a new title in just my new name, at my new address, minus the lien I paid off, in about 6 weeks. Having studied up on this, I learned that as long as I brought my divorce decree showing that the car was awarded to me, I'd pay no taxes on this "sale." It was stupid, DX and I were legally selling my awarded car back to me. @@ It's the system, what can I say? Governor Malloy still got $55 off of me. Just so glad that this is DONE!

Because all of this happened after Oct 1, both my registration renewal as well as excise taxes will again be in both X and my name, at my old address, so I've noted on the calendar when to contact DMV and town hall  about these obligations so as not to mess those up!


Marcia in rural WNY said...

Teachers do not collect Social Security? I've never heard that. My MIL (long dead now, unfortuately) was a retired teacher in NY state and she collected Social Security. I have a New York State pension from working at Social Services, and I still get my social security. I have never heard of this before.

CTMOM said...

CT public school teachers, even if we had somehow earned 40 quarters in another field/part-time work etc, can NOT collect SS and a CT state retirement. It's the windfall elimination provision, and it stinks:


CTMOM said...

All newly hired CT teachers after 1985/6 do pay into Medicare, I am one of the first to be eligible for Medicare, when I do retire.

Cheapchick said...

What a complete pain in the petootie - you think they would make it easier as I am sure you aren't the first person divorced who was forced through this process! What a relief it is over now.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Windfall, they call it? Neither I nor my MIL were anywhere near "well to do." My husband has NO pension after 30 years at the same employer---although we did plan for that with his 401K plan. At least you will get Medicare--we do also--and I also get free family plan health insurance through my employer. (I worked 20 years for it--current employees will get it after 30 years.) Your CT teachers have been ROBBED! That surely does stink!