Saturday, April 27, 2013

Grocery top up


A quick grocery run this morning, after doing a bi-monthly trash/recycling run($4.20 in disposal costs-great). I bought: 2 bags each potato chips and cheese puffs (kid request), 2 bags pretzels for work, a brownie mix for work, 2 cans fzn OJ, 2 jugs milk, soft and stick margarine, 1 pkg shredded 5 Italian cheese blend, 3 12 ct cases of soda, 1 tub roast beef and 1 of turkey meat for sandwiches, celery, onions, organic baby salad greens, organic green apples, bananas, 4 12 ct pkgs "Koolaid", 2 marked down packages of preformed hamburger patties, 2 marked down roaster chickens, canola oil, 1 bottle "splash" juice, dandruff shampoo, cucumber, large canister coffee, walnuts, 1 pkg onion rolls. I also bought a kitchen scale. I spent $85 on food.


I then went next door to the Dollar tree, for 2 dozen medium sized eggs, and a coke.

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