Monday, April 1, 2013

Getting ready


Both Mom who previously nurse maided my father thru his torn rotor cuff surgery as well as my own orthopedist are recommending that I sleep in a recliner for several weeks. I'm looking at La Z boy, actually have some coupon discounts.

I am not necessarily a fan of these chairs, but would appreciate some recommendations, details to look for, such as the control lever being on the right as I won't be able to use my left arm at all.

Suggestions? thoughts?


seyrey said...

Why not try a lift chair. They are available for around $700-800 and as long as you have electricity and can push a button they will do all the work for you. They are also easier to get in and out of as they sit higher and with the lift can virtually stand you on your feet without your having to use your arms at all.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

My husband likes a recliner and we have found the Lazy-Boy to be poorly designed---the mechanism wears out before the chair does. So the one we have now, we are stuck with sudden and unexpected releases of the mechanism when it's extended to the recline position. (He has had to sleep in it following surgery for detached retina, so I understand your plight.) He's handy with things but hasn't been able to design a fix for this at all.
There's one opinion for you.

86052e84-9b47-11e2-9bec-000bcdcb471e said...

We have 2 older ones & love them but I have noticed they are not made as well these days. One thing I would recommend is that make sure it has the lever & not just a control button, we recently got a la Z boy love seat & the lever ones are harder to find, to me the push button ones seem likely to break easier. Also make sure to sit in it for a while at the store as some are much more comfy then others. I really enjoy your blog but this is my first time to comment. Good luck with the surgery.

Shara said...

I find that I prefer one that has the fabric between the seat and the foot rest if that makes any sense. We have one made each way and I sleep warmer in the one with the extra fabric.

Kelly Campbell said...

I am pretty sure that Carol doesn't want to sleep in a lift chair. Is that even possible? She can walk, she won't be able to use her left arm/hand. I sleep, sometimes when I am congested in the recliner we have in the living room. I don't know what make/model it is as it belonged to my (relatively long deceased) dad. I can/do sleep it in quite comfortably. Keep in mind that I am not a restless sleeper, I rarely move once I am asleep.

seyrey said...

I think there is a misunderstanding regarding a lift chair. The ones I'm talking about are actually recliners that use a motor to lower the chair into a reclining position and then will raise a person up to an almost standing position when required. My Dad used his lift chair to sleep in as he had congestive heart failure and sometimes that was the only way he could get any sleep.

LaZyBoy actually made the lift chair that my Dad had.

One reason I suggested a lift chair is that I have never observed any jerking when it reaches full reclining or when it raises a person up - it is just one even smooth motion.