Monday, April 1, 2013

Frugal fish on Monday

 We're sticking to the menu plan of tuna casserole, but since I had some leftovers lingering that had to go, the medium shell macaroni was switched out to some flat egg noodles to further stretch the precooked ones on hand. I also used the leftover mixed veggies, along with the leftover mixed gr/wax beans. I Pam sprayed my casserole dish, mixed up a can of "heart healthy" cr mush soup from Aldi's with some milk, added the above, along with 2 cans drained, chunk lite tuna (also an Aldi's bargain), about 1/4 of an onion that I chopped. Once mixed well, I topped this with some French's onions, some home shredded Cheddar cheese (a Xmas Aldi's marked down-kept well in it's wax)
 Here's the assembled dish before I baked it off
Saving my pennies and using the table top convection oven tonight. A simple green salad with choice of dressing completes the meal.
 Here it is 45 minutes later
My dinner plate, nice creamy dish on a rapidly becoming colder night! Perfect.

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