Monday, April 8, 2013

Egg cost comparison chart


(18 oz.)
(21 oz.)
(24 oz.)
(27 oz.)
(30 oz)
(16 oz.)




Chart: the Georgia egg commission.  Great info on their website!

I recall learning that if the price difference between 2 sizes of eggs was 12 cents, buy the next size up. Years ago, eggs were commonly sold as small, med, lg, xl, jumbo. Now, I only see Lg, Xl, Jumbo.
Having recently discovered med eggs sold at DT, I'll continue to buy my eggs there as they are a real bargain even over Aldi's prices. My $1/doz med eggs equal paying $1.15 for large. Aldi's was asking $1.39, grocery stores $2.49 and up.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

We can still get medium eggs around here. I usually get large, but I use the shelf tags to determine price per lb. No math involved, just comparison. My decision is usually between the dozen or the 18 pack as to which is the better deal. When I go to Sam's Club, the 3 dozen package has been running about $3.52, and they easily keep until the 2 of us use all three dozen. Cooking and baking from scratch requires eggs, even though we normally only have them for breakfast on Sundays. Egg last a good month if fresh when purchased, although I doubt you can keep yours around for that long, with 4 kids coming and going.

Nancy said...

Amazing the difference in price between eggs sold at the Aldi by you and the one here. I paid $1.19 for a dozen yesterday. Up from the $1.05 they wanted just before Easter but still a bargain.