Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eating well on a low budget


Great article about a new, low food budget initiative taking place in England:


Lili said...

Hi Carol,
there's a glitch on the link. It wants to add Image:/
If you strip that off the end of the address, when you reach the page that says "page cannot be found", it will take you to the article.

About the article itself:

I would have liked to see more legumes featured in the diet. Dried beans are cheap protein, and using those more, would have left more money in the budget for fruits and veggies.

I often think that the people who do these challenges lack sense. If a cookie is a treat that makes you feel happy, then why not bake some at home?

And one can save quite a lot on their budget by planning ahead and buying in bulk. It's almost always more expensive to just buy what you need for one meal at a time.

For that expensive, but desired fruit, the writer wanted, a bag of apples is often a lot cheaper than by the piece, and they keep a couple of weeks.

But you already knew all this, right, Carol?

CTMOM said...

thanks for the heads up on the misfeed for the article, it took some attempts, but I fixed it. : )

I've lived on the equivalent of $1.50/person per day. When I first married in '87, my food budget was $35/month per person-and that also included non food items such as detergent, soap, shampoo, etc. Roast chicken with starch and seasonal veg for dinner on Sun. L/o again Mon, meanwhile, sliced chicken and ck salad sandwiches for work. Chicken stir fry over rice mid week, finally chicken broth made from carcass soup for dinner and some lunches. I bought little meat, stretched what I had. First wedding anniversary dinner was at home, we celebrated with beef meatloaf! We actually had meat.
I agree that I would have made some different choices. I wouldn't look at this challenge as $1.50/day per person (most people are not paid daily, rather weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). I'd use the monthly total and go from there. I'd spring for a 3 lb bag of organic apples @ $2.49 @ Aldi's-same price as regular apples. Look for marked down produce, apples are usually 59/lb when marked down here. Make a baked apple, a crisp-even if just an individual one in a cup bowl. A package of Aldi's fig newtowns are 89 or 99 cents here. I'd serve a lot of soup, oats, stir fry, rice and pasta dishes. I'd also forage, glean, and frequent alternative shops. Gotta do what you gotta do sometimes!