Thursday, April 4, 2013

Debt free


As of this morning, I am debt free, at least for now. I sent in a check to pay off my 0% car loan, due to all of the red tape surrounding getting the loan and car just in my new (former) name. I am lucky to have been able to do this, I am keenly aware.

Next step? continue to tally on a monthly basis, for these monthly payments that in effect, I prepaid. I do not view this move as creating less of a cash outlay in my monthly budget.

In addition, I will continue to live on the frugal path that I have chosen, saving every penny possible to afford to purchase my next, although modest, home.  Odds are that I won't be able to stay in this town, I am eyeballing listings in a town where I used to teach, which should have much lower taxes as there is alot of commercial business vs where I have been living since '90.

Now, if only mortgage interest rates would remain at 3.5% until I am ready to buy!


Lili said...

Great job, Carol! That must feel so fantastic to be totally and completely debt-free! Given your determination, I have every confidence that you will save a substantial amount to buy your own home.

Food Stamps said...

Good job, Carol! You are a wonderful role model in so many ways. Your kids must be thrilled with you!

I've been entertaining house guests, playing domestic goddess, along with other distractions so I've fallen off the blogging wagon.

I'll climb up again soon. Maybe after I return from Oregon...grin


Pamela said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you'll save a good amount to buy a nice place and you'll be able to pay it off early.

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nemuineko said...

Congratulations! I just have a little further on my husband's student loan and we're free from everything but mortgage. It feels so good when another debt has been repaid.

Belinda said...

Congratulations, Carol! That is a wonderful accomplishment. :)