Saturday, April 27, 2013

College kid out of town needed money NOW!


College girl called in a bit of a bind: groceries are almost out, as are her funds, help! We looked on line to get her a GC for Stop and Shop, but it would take 4-7 days to arrive at her local store. Not an option.

She then told me that WM does on line GC, and she would get it emailed to her. So, that is what I did, she got email confirmation, brought it to WM, where they issued her a card immediately, at the customer service desk. Cost me nothing in fees to do this. Quick way to resolve the issue.


NAN said...

Also you could have transferred money from your account to hers in a few minutes. I recently paid an individual's electric bill that way and it was credited within 5 minutes! We lived in different cities too.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I was going to mention that my grocery store contains a branch of my granddaughter's bank. I just take in a slip of paper on which I have written her name and social security number (I don't have her account #, nor do I need it.) Since I shop once a week, I find it pretty easy to get money in her account this way. The problem is, she has to remember to tell me WHAT she needs and WHY, preferably the day before I shop! I also co-signed for a Mastercard for her through my credit union, and I pay the bill each month---it comes right to me instead of her. She was pretty poor at budgeting when she started college but has improved some since then. Her credit card is supposed to be just for essentials---books, supplies, etc. but she manages a few coffees a month and an occasional meal on me. It also assures that her cat gets to the vet when needed, flat tires are fixed, and those sorts of everyday "emergencies." Her budgeting skills are getting much better, although I don't think she has yet conquered the "I deserve this." attitude. We also pay for a AAA membership for her. Her paternal aunt gave her the car/truck she would otherwise have traded in, a huge break for us. It uses way too much gas, but since it was free, we are trying to keep it going as long as possible. She works 16 hours a week as well as full time school with good grades, and makes good tips. The day last week when it was 82 degrees, everyone was out and her tips were $67 for one 8 hr shift. (She's a barista.) That helps a LOT. She's doing her best so we don't mind helping with expenses under those circumstances.