Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bedding on a budget

 The boys (as well as I) have several sets of sheets for our beds. Ideally, I have 2 sets of cotton/woven "Summer" sheets as well as 2 sets of Winter flannel sheets per bed. Since I line and air dry year round, this is a backup set. I also like keeping extra cases and pillow slips, as well as blankets, quilts and mattress pads, "just in case." I recently switched out of the flannel and into the woven cotton sheet sets, noting that there was a shortage in bottom sheets. When I looked at sheets (only sold in sets at Marshalls) the cost was ridiculous: $30-40 and up in some cases, and this was a discounted dept store. I do know that EBAY, and some Dept stores such as JCP do (or at least did) sell just bottom sheets. Before resorting to paying those prices, however, I knew that I'd most likely be able to find what we need, on the second hand market.

The boys currently have several "sets" one being a complete "red set" of completely matching, was actually a set of red jacquard print, 200 count, Stevens brand designer labeled sheets bought on marked down as the trim across the top of the flat sheet wasn't sewn completely through. One minute on a sewing machine took care of that problem.Still in good shape, we should get another year out of them. 
. Pictured above is the "blue set" consisting of all second hand/thrift shop acquired pieces: vintage 70's Springmade percale bottom sheet in blue/pink/yellow/gold/kelly green; vintage all cotton Pequot fine muslin blue stripe top sheet, a no name, vintage baby blue, all cotton case. All pieces were like new, even still in packages when purchased.

Here's the "yellow set": vintage 70's Springmade yellow floral bottom sheet, Cannon all cotton embroidered with a golden yellow at the top of the flat sheet, a Springmade yellow case with floral trim at the opening.

We also have "the pink set" : vintage Fieldcrest duracale 100 % cotton pink roses on white bottom sheet, a Grants dept store pink and white striped, muslin flat sheet edged in baby pink at the top, a somewhat close Springmaid Wondercale case in pink, white, orange stripe with baby pink at the edge. It works.

 All mix-matched, all bargains to me. These vintage sheets are also of a quality hard to find today, or hard to afford if you do!

My dilema was that we did have several incomplete sets that included:
-a Springmade all cotton white sheet with a blue/pink/lavender trim as well as baby blue crochet at the top of the flat sheet, a matching (same set) case. All in package. I needed a bottom sheet. I figured that just about any solid colored bottom sheet would be OK.

-A Springmade baby blue with blue flower trim at the top of the flat sheet (new in pkg), a deep purplely blue solid color case from Germany of all places! all cotton, good strong material. I figured a blue/blue print was in order.

I did find a solid colored bottom sheet as well as a blue print bottom sheet today, at prices I can easily afford.  With tax, I spent $3.17 to complete these extra sets for the boys. We got what we need, it works, proceeds go to a charity. It's all good as college boy would say. (see Savers post)

Here are my "new" sets:

 I'm calling this the "brown and blue combo"-note that the white case trimmed/piped in lavender goes really well here, I didn't realize that the bottom print sheet has lavender, tiny circles in the print.
 Vintage 1977! Just sat in someone's closet
 Utica, no  iron percale. Great!
Here's what I'll call the "green and white" set: pine green bottom sheet, white with floral trim flat sheet and matching pillow case. Westpoint stevens is the maker of the sheet, and it's extra deep for modern mattresses. Nice.

Meanwhile, I do have several extra cases on hand, mostly solid white, vintage cotton ones, along with a few rogue printed ones, which include cases that I made by cutting down sheets that developed holes in them from wear.

Another reason for not wanting to invest too much into twin size bedding is that I anticipate moving my boys into Queen sized beds when we move to our next home. My kids are tall, and these 2 look like they are taking after my family-tall beanpoles they will be, and well over 6 feet when all is said and done!

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