Saturday, April 20, 2013

Avoiding food waste in the kitchen

 Saturday is usually clean out leftovers day, and today is no exception. I pulled out what needs to be used up, grabbed a few cans of prepared baked beans and set to work, first Pam spraying my baking dish.
 I placed the leftover, homemade "Campbell's style" pork beans in the dish.
 I added 2 15 oz ish cans of baked beans and mixed these well.
 I chopped up a red onion that had started to sprout, normally I'd use yellow but this has to go!
 I sliced about a 10 inch piece of leftover Kielbasa, saving an equally sized sausage for crackers and cheese this week.
Finally, I added the remaining good parts of 2 apples that had gone icky in the fruit basket. Peeled and chopped, this, too was added to the bean dish, now baking off in the table top, convection oven.

Here's the boy's lunch, I skipped the buttered bread, don't need/want the calories!

Lunch out of this n that, leftovers used, turning food items used up as well. No drive thru windows for us, thank you. The cost of the 2 cans of beans was $2 total, as I got them at Dollar Tree of all places. The rest may tally up to a $ or 2, so a casserole dish's worth of a meal for under $4? Pretty good in my book (and wallet).


Marcia in rural WNY said...

I can see it really helps your budget that everyone likes beans. I am not similarly enthusiastic about them, however I have learned over the years that I can tolerate lentils, chick peas, and black beans. I really do not like any other kinds, although I can tolerate white beans in soup. As far as eating any type of baked beans: No thank you. I do make them for my husband, from the dried bean stage, because he loves them. I keep homemade chili and baked beans in the freezer so he can eat them when I am out or not eating at home. I have trouble with certain textures--can't eat cottage cheese either, even though everyone in my family loves it and I certainly saw it on the table growing up. I have been known to strain pudding, gravy, etc. if I think I might have gotten a lump or two in it in the process of making it. Do you or your kids have any dislikes that keep you from taking advantage of any bargain foods?

CTMOM said...

I also dislike cottage cheese, ricotta cheese-texture issues. As far as familial strong dislikes go, I really can't think of any that impact all of us. I do ahve Mr Picky-he hates just about every fruit and vegetable known to mankind. My attitude is "this is what I cooked, take it or leave it." Unless you are ill, I don't do 2 menus.