Saturday, April 27, 2013

Auto insurance


Since moving to CT in '86, I've used the same auto insurance company, with whom I also have my life insurance as well as renter's insurance (previously also had homeowner's). Post divorce, I just had my car, at a reasonable price for auto insurance. In Jan, I bundled a policy to cover college boy, and he knew and accepted that while I was purchasing the car, he'd be on the hook for insurance, as well as gas, maintenance etc. He has been making payments to me almost weekly. Because of some infractions  several years ago, his insurance went up, he's paying that extra off. Fine.

I just got the new bill for the next 6 month policy, and noted that it seemed really expensive. I dug out my file. I didn't realize this, but when DS was added to the policy, the amount charged to insure MY car also went up roughly 50%.  I contacted the insurance agent and asked how that can be. Since these are bundled, it is assumed that DS has access to my car, so my car became more expensive to insure. It's an econo car for Pete's sake! Regardless, our family agreement is that whatever it would cost to just insure my car is all that I will pay, DS has to pay the balance. Fine.

Going back to the new policy bill: it increased again! They forgot that I have life ins thru them, that is now rectified,and there was the additional discount, but this is still obnoxiously high. I asked the agent to send me a quote just for DS's car insurance in his name, and yes, this still offers him a savings (being bundled with mine).

I am shopping for auto insurance now. Progressive is 50% cheaper, I am looking into policies thru my Union, as well as other companies, knowing that I can and will do better.

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