Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another problem solved

 This past Summer, I received these 4 measuring spoons through Freecycle. Great to have extras on hand, especially when I am doing marathon cooking. Issue was that they were loose, meaning not attached on any sort of ring. I had an "Ahah!"moment this afternoon when I realized that all I needed was a metal ring to corral these measuring spoons together. I then remembered that I still had the key ring fob from the realtor, although I had long since moved my rental house key onto my key ring. I pulled the advertising bit off of the key fob and 2 at a time, with the help of a pair of scissors to hold the ring open while I maneuvered the measuring spoons onto their new ring, got the 4 measuring spoons, in sequential order, all facing the same way so as to "spoon" when stored. The realtor's fob bit was trashed.
Problem solved and none of it cost me a single penny! : )


Francesca Tulk said...

Simple and classy!!!

Precious said...

This was ingenious. You didn't spend an extra penny!