Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another luncheon at work



Another work luncheon coming up, what to bring?  Checked the cupboards and was inspired by my gallon jar full of ditalini pasta: so toss in a few cans of Aldi's chunk lite tuna and I'll transform them into a tuna-ditalini pasta salad to bring to the lunch table. Affordable, I have everything that I need on hand. Perfect.

While some co-workers continue to bring fancy bakery prepared cakes, deli prepared chicken salad, sliced imported Italian Prosciutto, I have to rely on my more frugal recipes. I previously made quiche this year, soups were brought a few times. This should do nicely, and I can easily prepare it the night before.


Precious said...

That is a great idea. Your homemade recipes are what I like to try at those kind of affairs. They are always so much tastier than store bought.

Pamela said...

I usually bring something made from scratch to work events as well. It's far less money and people really seem to appreciate it.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

We used to have MANY luncheons like this at work. One day I told one of the other women how good her pasta salad was, and she said "It's just "Suddenly Salad" -the Classic version. I didn't know because it would have not occured to me to try it. So I do now buy it occasionally when it's on sale/coupon deal. The neat thing about is that you can add whatever bits and pieces of things you find in the fridge to it, and it's different every time. From ends of lunch meat to small amounts of veggies, I toss it all in there, adding an extra tbsp or so of oil if I add much else. There is plenty of seasoning even after adding extras.

I am a from-scratch cook because I'm frugal and low sodium. We used to have salad days in summer and soup days in winter---our coffee fund would buy the greens, and everyone else would prep an ingredient or two for topping the salad. Really inexpensive---I often offered grated carrots, chopped celery, or chopped hard boiled eggs as my contribution. The dressings were often left from outher luncheons or bought with coffee fund money. (Our coffee fund chairman chased everyone around on pay day afternoons, and got their contributions in hand---and our coffee fund could always afford napkins, paper plates and bowls, condiments, etc. Because she collected, we often had free pizza and other treats just from EACH paying our share.)

CTMOM said...

My former MIL is a fan of those quick mix, convenience foods. I've had SS at her home, not bad, but salt is a concern for me, never mind preservatives, etc that I can't pronounce. Agree, these type of dishes are never exactly the same twice, and are all the better for it, IMO. Nice idea: collect for the salad greens and everyone brings in toppers-kind of a stone soup mentality!