Friday, April 19, 2013

Another leaker


A while back, the circa 1970's toilet in the water closet of the main bathroom was replaced as although the LL's handyman tried to fix it, the parts needed are no longer available and this toilet was running non stop. Being on a well and septic, not a plan.

It was eventually replaced with this model:


This is a water saver toilet from Aquasource. Works great and saves water-it's all good.

Fast forward and the circa 1950 American Standard toilet in the powder room has a leak, refilling itself every 90 minutes. I alerted the LL's handyman, the plumber who was replacing leaking pipes down cellar this week, tried to fix it by replacing some sort of a circular gasket. Obviously, that didn't solve it. I contacted the LL's handyman again, told him it's still an issue. He checked with the plumber and once again, the recommendation is replacement. Handyman needs the green light from the LL, and he anticipates doing the work this upcoming week.  I am starting to feel a bit sorry for the LL as several things have cost her additional funds since I moved in, as well as in preparation for us becoming the new tenants. Then I second think this, telling myself that she knew that there was delayed maintenance, it's an older house-the situation is what it is. The toilet costs about $100 and she'll have to pay the handyman or plumber to install it. Still a lot cheaper than having to dig a new well or fix a septic system.

Rental has had it's perks.

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