Saturday, April 6, 2013

Aldi's and Dollar Tree shopping

 Nothing too exciting: 2 boxes cocoa, 2 cans fzn OJ, a tub ice cream, an 18 ct double roll pkg tp, milk, 3 lb bag apples, bologna, rye bread with seeds to try, a take n bake pizza (for supper)
Right next door was Dollar tree, so I stopped in for any bargains: 4 22 oz cans baked beans (made in TN-these are good), Monet crackers, a Kraft sizzling salads Ital based seasoning kit for chicken, 2 pkgs tater tots, 2 lbs pop corn kernals, 3 dozen medium eggs. I didn't know that they carried eggs, and at $1/doz vs $1.59 for lg at Aldi's, this is a better deal. I am familiar with using med eggs, as that is what we got when we had Angel Food. I plan on boiling one dozen for the upcoming week.

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~Carla~ said...

Ok.. gotta be honest, $1.00 for a DOZEN eggs!? I am crazy jealous!!! The cheapest I can find eggs here are almost $4.00 for a dozen. :( We go through a couple dozen a week too! Easily, and even more when we bake!!