Thursday, April 4, 2013

Affording meat in our menus


I've always watched my pennies where groceries are concerned. Food prices, however, continue to skyrocket, so I've returned to every trick I know, seeking additional ones, so as to be able to continue to feed my family a healthy, varied diet, that includes some meat. Case in point: tonight's meatloaf, which is a great way to stretch meat as it uses bread crumbs, vegetables to further the meat. Additionally, there is no way that I'd pay the regular asking price of $4.99 for "meatloaf mix" nor would I buy it on sale @ $4.49/lb. Instead, I always scope out the marked downs and snap up any deals, freezing them for future meals. Tonight's meatloaf uses 2 pkgs of marked down meatloaf mix that I ended up paying $2.93/lb. My go to price for meat, unless a special occassion, is $4/lb.

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