Sunday, March 17, 2013

Working on my Spring/Summer wardrobe


I am in the beginning stages of switching over to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. With snow still frying and still wearing a down coat as I HAVE to, Spring seems far away. The changing of the clocks and the morning birdsong tell me otherwise. Time to plan.

I first start with what I have been wearing for Fall/Winter. A lot of my clothes are seasonless, on purpose, to extend their use, and reduce what I have to purchase. I am on a budget, and need to use as much as what I already own before acquiring new pieces. Most of my clothing is for every day of the week, but depending upon what I am doing, I do need what I'll call "weekend wear" of jeans and such.

I definitely can continue to use the following:
-2 pairs taupe beige dress pants
-3 pairs black dress pants
-1 pair navy dress pants
-1 pair grey dress pants
-2 pairs of sweat pants with one pair too large, so to be donated

Question: will any of my cotton, twill cropped pants fit? (I've lost weight) and if not, will any of the "saved until I can fit back into them" pants do? These pants are the mainstay of my at home Summers

Needs: at least 2 pairs of jeans. The ones I had are to big, have been donated.

-trench is a bit long in the tooth but will have to do another year
-multiple light fleece jackets
-dress blazers in black, black and cream (wool but will do for cooler Spring months)
-light pink cardigan
-raspberry cardigan
-black with larger white polks dots, 3/4 sleeve cardigan (kind of a fun sweater for me)
-black 3/4 sleeve angel sleeve cardigan (on it's last legs I'm afraid)
-hot pink/blule/tan/white print type stripe (a weird design that is hard to describe) 3/4 sleeve cardigan
-hot pink 3/4 sleeve cardian
-white with bk polka dots 3/4 sleeve cardigan
-hot pink with white polka dots 3/4 sleeve cardigan
-several 3/4 or full length black cardigans
-3/4 sleeved royal blue-purple ish cardigan
-short sleeved navy cardigan

Needs: white cardigan (my former one got a terrible stain and was trashed)


-long sleeved: multiple tops that I can continue to use, for the cooler months (hot pink, black, chocolate, white, med blue, etc)
- 3/4 length tops: I have mutliple that I can continue to use
-short sleeved tops: a concern: many are reserved for weekend wear only, to the point of excess. I need to cull this down, donate/repurpose what is deemed superfulous. "Weekend wear" is often too worn/stained etc to be considered appropriate to wear to work, fine for at home.  Additionally, I've been reaching for these good condition, short sleeved tops, to layer under a cardigan, only to discover that due to weight loss, some of my tops are now too big. Off to donation. Once I've had the chance to try everything on, I will create a short list

- NEEDS. I already know that short sleeved, white top is on the list. My old white cable knit sweater is beyond sad

-will make do with whatever scarves and jewelry I own
-everyday black pocket book is a bit sad. I'll try some shoe polish to cover worn areas, but this, too will need replacement.
-Plenty of socks, stockings, nylon peds
-undergarments and nightwear is fine for now

-Could use a new pair or 2 of flats, my brown are tired, the black are worn quite often. I need to check on the condition of my sandals as well. My sneakers are fine.
-my wallet is sad, I've commissioned a special order from a blogger to make me an organizer, 3 fold wallet!
-2 identical pair of scuff style, bathroom slippers (see older post as to my reasons why)

Shopping list so far:

-2 pairs flats
-white cardigan
-white short sleeved top/sweater
-2 pairs jeans
-cropped pants?
-black leather purse

-a quilted, 3/4 "car coat" in a bright pink/red/navy/black

So everything is mix/match. I stick to classic pieces with a few more trendy ones tossed in. Most of my tops are solid but I do own a few prints. I tend to stick with black for shoes, but chocolate also as that is a color that I wear quite a bit and it looks good on me. I am a "Winter" by the way so black, white, jewel tones, red, pinks look very nice.


Patti said...

I started the same as well today, same issues with weight loss this winter. Today I bought under garments and 2 clearance t-shirts, I still need jeans and more tees as its what I wear every day.
Congrats on the weight loss!

Blissfulbutterfly said...

I recently bought a cute pair of flats for only $6 w/free shipping on I was a little skeptical at first since they were so cheap, but surprisingly, they're really sturdy and I think they'll last me a long time. They only offer the free shipping for new customers, but I was also able to create an account in my husband's name and get some cute, inexpensive undergarments w/free shipping as well. I believe they still have flats on sale right now so that might be an option for you.