Saturday, March 9, 2013

Using what is on hand

 This morning's project: fix a herb print picture/decoration that I have had for years, I think originally purchased at a craft fair or perhaps gifted to me. I've easily had this 20-25 years. The Kraft paper backing is gone, and perhaps a second metal gizmo to hold the paper picture against the glass. I first inserted a flattened and slightly trimmed off, tissue box to act as a filler behind the picture, and used an opened up, metal paper clip to act as a second "achor"-see upper right corner.
 My supplies (besides the tissue box out of the recycling and a paper clip): wood glue, a craft brush, scissors, a piece of construction paper (we use cloth bags and any Kraft bags are sent to school for covering school books), the hanging "clip" from the original frame to reuse again.
 I first measured and trimmed the construction paper. I then applied glue to the frame, and followed up by spreading it smoothly with a mini paint brush.
I carefully applied the construction paper to the backing and smoothed it out with a rag (the glue is water soluable). I reattached the hanger clip. This will dry overnight, then I can hang this up in the kitchen.

5 minutes of my time, used stuff on hand.
A "free" decoration at no cost.

Back in business!

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