Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tues: Salisbury Steak

 One lb ground beef, 2 eggs, a sleeve's worth of stale saltines, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, minced onion transformed into 5 patties. Removed them onto a separate plate while I made my homemade onion-mushroom gravy. Returned the patties to simmer and reheat a bit before serving over egg noodles.
 Stewed tomatoes, French green beans
My plate-delicious. We haven't had this for some time.


Belinda said...

Looks delicious, Carol. I love Salisbury Steak. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a mom of 7 and really enjoy your food posts. I love how you use everything and nothing goes to waste. Do you have aspecific recipe for the salisbury steak? It looks amazing. Also for the gravy? Thank you so much!


CTMOM said...

Hi Viewfrommynest,

I kind of "wing it" when it comes to Salisbury steaks. I beat 2 eggs, add 1 lb ground beef, a sleeve of saltines (or oats, or bread crumbs or cracker crumbs) that I whirl thru the food processor, a very generous amount of Worcestershire sauce (I don't add any additional salt as I feel this is plenty), black pepper, a Tbsp or so of minced onion. I gently mix this so as not to toughen it, let sit a bit to let it all "absorb" into the meat. I then add some Pam spray to a cast iron pan (my preference). I shape these into 5 good size patties. I brown on both sides, remove to a dish. Meanwhile, I melt 4 Tbsp margarine/butter/bacon fat in my cast iron skillet and fry off 1/2 pkg mushrooms that I slice up, 1/2 of a large onion also sliced. Once these are cooked, I add 4 Tbsp all purpose flour, salt, pepper and let the flour cook off a bit. I add either homemade beef stock OR 2 cups water plus one Knorr beef concentrate "cube" and let this create a nice brown gravy. I add gravy master for coloring, if needed. I return the patties to the pan, cover and let simmer. Love these over egg noodles, with mashed potatoes.