Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trying something new: Rotiserie style chicken

This is a recipe for rotiserie style chicken, done in the Crock Pot. Since I love the ease and energy efficiency of Crock Pots, this peaked my interest. Here's a link to the recipe, found off of Finding Joy in my kitchen:

Seems heavily spiced, but I always follow recipes to the T and then tweak as needed. I am using a chicken that I had planned on baking in the regular oven anyway, as roast chicken was on the menu. I still have one more roaster left, I stock up when they are on sale for 99/lb. I'll be sure to pick more up the next time they are on special, as I have just completed my April menus and know that the last roaster will be used then.

Sides tonight:
-choice of baked sweet potatoes and/or homemade bread stuffing (frozen in small containers. I great recipe from Frugal Queen:
-sauteed organic Swiss Chard
-green beans
-home canned whole berry cranberry sauce

Recipe review:

 I think mine cooked a bit too long, as the legs literally fell away off of the chicken as I tried to plate the chicken. No bother, it still was very, very good. And yes, it really DID come out tasting like one of the rotiserie chickens that you can buy at the store. I was worried about all of the seasonings, but it mellows out after a while (the house reeked of garlic for sometime while it was cooking). Meat came out nice and moist, with planned overs for a casserole later this week, sandwich fillings, salad topping.
 I transferred the broth (a lot!) into a standard crock pot. I later deboned the meat, added the skin, bones to the existing broth, to cook all night.
DS # 2's plate. Yummy.

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