Saturday, March 30, 2013

Today's grocery shopping

College girl asked me to help with her groceries, since she has run out of funds due to tuition hikes. So, we went shopping. We first hit Stop & Shop, where we got these marked downs: 4 bags limas (I use them in my crock pot calico beans) a can of sweetened evap milk, 2 jars sweet mixed pickles.

20 lbs bread flour (seems that Xpect doesn't carry it anymore so I paid more than I have @ $2.99/5 lb bag but I certainly make more than one loaf out of a bag, so I know that I am saving money by making our own bread.) a 4 ct pkg of B Bee albacore tuna @ less than $1/can as a loss leader.

Between S & S and Aldi's, we got 3 gallons of milk (one went with DD), 2 bags shredded Ital cheese blend, a lb stick margarine, 2 pkgs presliced sandwich cheese, 1 pkg Amer cheese, a doz eggs, 1 pkg shredded Mexican blend cheese (for DD), a quart vanilla bean Greek yogurt. Not pictured, a tub of ice cream.

 Good day for marked downs: I grabbed 2 8 ct pkgs of marked down ck thighs @ Aldi's making them $1/lb, 2 pkgs bone in center cut pork chops making them about $2.25/lb, a 2 lb pkg fzn Tilapia for DD, a lb bag of salmon fillets for DD.
 I also scored some bargains at S & S in the meat dept: 2 marked down pkgs of smaller pot roasts (about 2 lbs each) ended up paying just under $3/lb for them, 4 pkgs Nature's promise chicken drums  made them about $1/lb, a spiral honey ham was on sale, plus I used a coupon deal and another $5 off my order coupon so when applied towards the ham, this originally $38.06 ham cost me $4.44 for just under 10 lbs. Nice.
 Fresh produce: a bag of mixed apples/oranges for DD, 2 pkgs bananas (one for each of us) 3 lb bag of sweet potatoes from which DD took some, as well as some of the white potatoes I have at home already, 2 pkgs Romaine hearts (one for each of us) 2 bunches asperagus (again one for each), a tub of organic, mixed baby salad greens.
 More marked downs: a 6 ct store bakery pkg of Portugese rolls, 2 store label pkgs English muffins, 2 store bakery pkgs of 6 ct each Kaiser rolls.
 Great clearance item at Aldi's: a case pf Italian seasoned, diced tomatoes @ 39/can. DD took some with her.
 More pantry staples from Aldi's: coffee, 4 pkgs no cook lasagna sheets marked down, 2 canisters "Spring/Easter" sprinkles marked down, graham crackers, 3 boxes angel food mix, 1 box cheeze its, 6 cans Mexi corn marked down, 2 bags tortilla chips (DD), 2 cans black beans (DD), 2 cans kidney beans (DD), one can white beans (DD), 4 boxes cold cereal (DD), 2 bottles cranberry juice (DD), 3 ct pkg gum (DD), 2 boxes cocoa, 3 boxes tissues with lotion, 2 boxes brownie mix, 2 4 lb bags sugar, 4 cans ck lite tuna (DD), 1 can salmon (DD), large jar peanut butter (DD), 2 soft and hard taco kits (DD)
We then hit Dollar Tree and found some great items: 2 pkgs tortillas for DD to make bfst burritos and freeze them, 2 boxes Monet crackers (one for each of us), Ital seasoning, ketchup (DD), 2 bags honey/hot cheese puffs, 2 cans baked beans (DD), can black olives (DD), bottle Ital dressing (DD), 4 boxes chicken alfredo helper mix (2 each of us), a 2 count set of large hair clips for DD

DD was pleased, we got her a good mix of items to replenish her stores. She also "shopped" my shelves and pantry here.


Belinda said...

Some really good deals for you today, Carol.

Great price on the canned tomatoes. We use a lot of canned tomatoes here both store bought and home canned.

Glad you DD was able to replenish her pantry. She doesn't have much longer to go before school is out for the summer. We have 36 school days left before our summer break. This year has went by so fast.

DW said...

That is a great price on tomatoes ... hope my Aldi has them on markdown.!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you found some great deals.

Smart of your daughter to use your help to replenish the pantry.