Saturday, March 2, 2013

This costs $29.96 but I didn't pay that!

After doing my food at home inventory, I sat down and read through the grocery ads and culled through my coupon box, recycling the expired ones, pulling ones I thought that I could use. We try to eat fish twice a week, but it is more and more expensive, especially fancy, prepared for the oven items such as those pictured above. 2 boxes each (the Asian Tilapia holds 2 fillets so one meal's worth there) and probably the same with the tempura shrimp. I noted that Stop and Shop had a pick any 4 for $20 deal, with Sea Cuisine fish products and Sea Pak fish products listed as eligible purchases. $20, so $10/meal. A bit too pricey, I am afraid, let me see if I can work some magic.

First: I down loaded and printed 2, $1 off coupons for the Sea Cuisine fish
Then: I pulled a $1/2 boxes Sea Pack coupon.

Ok, so we're down to $17 or $8.50/meal. That's expensive still . . if it was for a birthday celebration as a treat, maybe . . .

Wait! I received some Stop and Shop coupons directly in the mail for March, with 2 coupons to be eligible for use each week of the month. What are the coupons for this week?

SCORE! $5 off an order of $30 (easy to do, folks!) so I got this down to $12 total or $1.50/serving figuring 4 servings between the 2 boxes of each type of fish. Leftovers can be brought to work, or I can save some of each for my nights of dinner for one, when the kids have visitation.

Saving $17.96 off of the normal price is awesome! : )


Belinda said...

Great savings on your fish, Carol! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your sense of humor and your great ideas!

CTMOM said...

Thanks, Catherine. : )