Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday supper: patience pays off

I pick up meat bargains, whenever I come across them. I had planned on pork chops for a dinner,  but when I did my freezer inventory, I discovered that I actually only had a 2 ct package left (purchased in Dec '12). I recently found another 2 count pkg on marked down (dated Mar '13) so I finally had enough for a dinner for 4. Note that the March chops are repackaged in a baggie that formerly held Kale. Since I do not reuse bags that once contained meat, I try to use one that has been used before vs a totally new one, when packaging meat, thus further stretching my costs per use.

The pork will become an oven baked pork chop and stuffing dish that is a family favorite. Pictured above are the prepared chops, about to be covered in foil and then baked for one hour.

Apple sauce,baked sweet potatoes,  mixed green and waxed beans and a salad will round out the meal.


Anonymous said...

That sounds good.

I don't re-use bags that have had meat in them either. I rewash most others and use them again.

Precious said...

Nothing better than pork chops and stuffing. Your dinner sounds delicious.