Friday, March 8, 2013

Sink question


Anyone have a plumber in the family?  I have a strange situation. Whenever I pour boiling water down the kitchen sink (from a pot of pasta for example), there is an earthy, dirt like odor. Never under any other circumstances, just whenever a large amount of super hot water is poured down the sink. Thoughts?


Sammy_Kaye said...


I know a good way to clean plugholes is to put a cup of baking soda down it, leave it for five and then put some white vinegar down afterwards and let it bubble away. Should freshen it up for you.

Do you have a U bend under the sink - it may be there is a heavy susbstance there that isnt shifting and the hot water is just moving it enough to re-smell again.

Im not a plumber just had a similiar experience!


CTMOM said...

Sammy Kaye-thanks for the suggestion, I'll try that. I've been here since Aug, this is a new problem, ever since the sink was worked on a few weeks ago.