Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saver's finds

 Great finds at Savers today: L L bean marled wool blend sweater (comparable ones sell for $55 and up)$5.99
 Brand new, acrylic/cotton blend black/creamy white/red argyle cardigan $3.99
 Creamy off white (was hoping for a bright white but this will do), new, Old Navy light weight cardigan $2.99
 2 sets of brand new, thick tights for DD @ $7.99, 5 new packages of knee high stockings @ 69 cents, a Liz Claiborne leather, black, basic pocketbook (both the stockings and black purse were also on my list) $20

3 off white, thick bath towels and one baby blue thick one as well @ $2.99 ea; a flannel bottom sheet for the boys @ $2.99, a bag of 3 skeins yarn for DD to make hats out of @ $2.99, a large, cotton, reversable bath rug in yellow, tan and creamy white $6.99. This bathmat is replacing the 2 rectangular, yellow polyester rugs that were a poor purchase last Summer. The quality is terrible, they are falling apart. Funny thing is that I got a brand new, yellow toilet rug under the same label (must have been a vintage one)from Savers some time ago. The quality of that one is comparable to Cannon. Sigh. I tried saving money by purchasing the Walmart brand, which ended up being a poor choice. I will donate the 2 rectangular rugs. 


DW said...

Looks like you had a profitable day! I'm impressed. (Funny, if I go out to specifically shop for clothes, I can never find anything. It's always when I'm looking for something else.)

Precious said...

Love the deals you got especially the argyle sweater.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

My sister has a great Goodwill store--yesterday she was wearing a pink print cardigan ($1.50) and brought Mom a new looking pair of Alfred Dunner navy pants for $2. Mom doesn't know we buy there, but who cares. She is 94, has tons of clothes, but hasn't been eating and needs smaller slacks. These fit her perfectly. I visit ours but haven't in a while, so may pop in this week --it's on the way back from yoga on Tuesday. Your LLBean sweater was a great deal!