Saturday, March 23, 2013

Salvation Army

 I keep a list of upcoming needs, such as a replacement ABM as one of my Freecycle ones still is working but makes a terrible racket, I fear that it's days are numbered. I found this brand new, never used Breadman Plus at Salvation Army today @ $30. Higher than I'd normally pay but it's unused.
I also got an ivory colored, flannel twin sized top sheet (I am gradually replacing the worn out bedding of the boys') and a L L bean warm fuzzies acrylic-wool blend (washable) blanket in excellent condition. I paid 99 cents each for the blanket and sheet.


Belinda said...

Nice finds, Carol. Great deal on the blankets.

CTMOM said...

Running my new ABM this morning, appears totally fine. A few hours more, and I'll have the final verdict. Yes, great deals on the Portugese flannel top sheet that is neutral so will match whatever bottom sheet I pair with it, and the LL Bean blanket is no longer being made but, their blankets start at about $100!