Saturday, March 9, 2013

Running out of stapes and today's freebie

 I used my last egg yesterday morning, not realizing that I didn't have any extra in the bar fridge. I ate the fried egg, while the twins had hard boiled. No bother. Weird thing is that whenever I am out of eggs, I feel like I am out of groceries, yet I am keenly aware that we have plenty on hand still. Silly. As fortune would have it, college boy is once again also "Farm boy" while the small farm family is away, so as a bonus, free eggs are available for the taking, literally. Farm boy is tending to a dog, sheep and 13 chickens. I asked him to bring me any eggs, if possible, otherwise, it would necessitate a trip to the store. He brought me 11 eggs, seen above. Still warm and dirty.
I washed them all with hot water and dish soap, they are now corralled in my egg storage bin of the refrigerator. Talk about fresh, free range eggs! Can't get any better than this. : )


Belinda said...

Very nice!! And such a great price too. :) lol

CTMOM said...

He brought them over in one of their premarked egg cartons for selling eggs; they get $5/dozen which is the going rate around here. Some charge much more, to be sure. Everything is so expensive here.

carol said...

Hi CT, just a simple suggestion. If you get anymore of these eggs please, please don't wash them in hot water and detergent. The egg has a natural protective coating on it and by washing it in hot water not only will it remove this coating which will lead to it absorbing the smells of other food in the kitchen but also start to cook the eggs with the heat of the water. The detergent will also be absorbed through the egg. A simple wipe over with a cold water wet cloth is all they need. I hope you don't mind me telling you this, I love your blog and follow it all the time. Carol

Nancy said...

Nice!! Growing up we got our eggs from a local chicken farmer and the taste difference between truly freshly laid ones and ones purchased in the grocery store is significant. I remember this guy delivering eggs to the house weekly for my mom. We also had a milkman and a "Charles Chips" delivery every week. :)

CTMOM said...

Thanks for the tip, I found this on the 'net:

CT eggs are known for high salmonella content, several if not most of the eggs farm boy brought me were dirtied with fecal matter. The article above gives some great suggestions for addressing this w/o removing the protective bloom coating on the egg.
Thanks for the egg lesson! : )